Any Donation or Service will be remembered by Supreme Personality of Godhead Sri Krishna and will be replicated in a hundredfold manner.

Mandir Nirman Seva

Iskcon Kakinada will be a unique monument in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana if not in whole of India for this monument to come up it will be an Estimated cost of  60 crores and Counting with Price hikes every year . Temple has Height 108 feet ,Length 120 feet, Breadth 90 feet. with beautiful South Indian Carvings Blended with Modern Architecture.

This Project will be completed in stage wise manner uptill then Temporary Structure will be installed at the site and we are expecting to start the Full services at temporary structure by march 2020 …

This temporary Structure will itself cost around 30 to 35 lakhs All the donors names will be displayed on the structures which they are donating for .

Its a life time opportunity as it will be providing services to many upcoming generations and not only the present.

Nitya Vigraha Seva / Pushpa Seva

Donation for Vigraha Alankar Seva, this puja involves offering flowers while chanting the holy names of the Lord.

Vidyadhan Seva

Donate towards conducting culture-centric activities for enhancing values and life skills in children.

Annadanam Distribution Seva

Here is an opportunity for you to offer Annadana Seva and receive the blessings of Sri Krishna.

Go –Seva – For mother cow

Support the Goshala at ISKCON Kakinada. Contribute towards feeding a cow for two months.