Prasadam Distribution / Annadanam

Of all the charities, the charity of food is considered supreme. It is mentioned in the Garga Samhita that one who distributes food in charity becomes free from the three kinds of debts and goes to the transcendental abode of Lord Vishnu.

Life becomes perfect when with the Tongue we Chant Hare Krishna Maha Mantra and Taste Mahaprasadam. To give everyone this higher taste weekly Maha Prasadam Distribution / Annadanam was going on routinely. Alongside all events, Nagar Sankirtan, Corporate, University, School, College, Village programme ends with Maha Prasadam / Annadanam. In mega-events around 5,000 more people are getting the taste of maha prasadam. Request your kindness to donate liberally to reach us more.