Govardhan puja, one of the biggest festivals in the month of Kartik, observed on Shu kla paksha pratipad, is celebrated with great jubilation in Parama Karuna Sri Sri N itai Gaura Chandra mandir in ISKCON Trichy. In the Evening on this auspicious day, the cows are worshiped with great respect. Being the eternal servitors of Shri Krishna, wh o is a cowherd boy, all the devotees take great pleasure in feeding the cows and caressin g them. Thereafter the cows and Giri govardhan are glorified, Following the class, Giriraj maharaj gives all the devotees an opportunity to serve him and become the recipients of his mercy.It is our

True good fortune to be able to engage ourselves in the service of Giriraj maharaj, and we pray to him to give us a particle of his mercy so that we shall be able to serve Shri Shri Radha Shyamsundar in their lilas.

The glories of Govardhan are endless and the importance of his worship was established by Krishna himself in the most amazing pastime. Once when the vrijavasis were preparing for the yajna to be performed for the pleasure of lo rd Indra, to appease him and be blessed with sufficient rain, the young prince of Vraja, the very life and soul of all the vrajvasis, Nandanandan Shyamsyndar questioned the ritual and pr oclaimed that the worship of lord Indra was unnecessary as it was his responsibility to provid e the required amount of rain to all the inhabitants of the world. Instead they should worship mother cow and Giriraj govardhan,

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