Scope of services

Radha Vallabha Mandir

ISKCON Kakinada Temple Phase 2 Construction- Sri Sri Radha Vallabha Mandir will be Constructed in a grand way at the Center of Our present temple Permises at Atchampeta.

Our Founde Acharya His Divine Grace A.C.Bhakthivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupadh always used to say Our Temples should be opulent , it should mesmerize everyone and thus huge Crowds will be attracted to Visit the temple and take Darshan of the Supreme Lord gradually they will take to Krishna Consciousness and thus mounding their inner nature to become more attached to Sanatana Dharma.

This Phase 2 Construction is a very big project with estimated Cost of more than 50 crore Rupees without Your Donations and Support it will not be possible .So please donate generously and help us in this Divine Cause.

Radha Vallabha Mandir

Hall for Pravachan

Mechanized Kitchen

Guest House Rooms

Gurukul & Ashram

"The Old System of Gurukula should be revived as the perfect example of a system designed to produce great men , Sober and responsible leaders ,who know what is the real welfare of the citizens" ---- HDG A.C.Bhakthivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupadh

The Vedic Educational Gurukula System is based around the Child's character,Skills ,knowledge keeping at the forefront the individual child's inherent nature.Children Will be taught Simple Living and High Thinking in Village Environmental setting besides Ghoshala and Fields and an Ashram for residential students thus helping them to go on their own pace without pressure ,thus supporting their natural growth and blossoming of their innate talents.

Prasadam Hall

3D Theatre


God Blesses those who take care of the Cows. Cows and Bulls are representation of Our Vedic Culture and its responsibility of Everyone to protect them and provide a good shelter and a Good Grazing place. Ghoshala is being planned at a different location Subjected to Manpower Availabilty and Government approval for land but Sure it will take shape in Due course of time with Cow Shed , Water Drinking pond ,Fodder and free grazing field .